Brillarte was founded in 1982 by the designer Antonio Coffen, and is based in the Cadore valley at the foot of the Veneto Dolomites, in an area which has become renowned for over a century of eyewear tradition. Indeed the Belluno area is home to the Eyewear District, one of Italy's production sectors of excellence, recognised at a world-wide level.

Heir to the sector's finest traditions, Brillarte seamlessly combines Italian excellence in its creations, where skilled craftsmanship, process innovation, design harmony and refined materials are all palpable.

Brillarte glasses are rigorously tested before coming onto the market. Indeed the production chain of Diva and Diva Trend collections puts products through a staggering 16 quality checks, including technical, mechanical, structural and visual inspections, scrupulously carried out by specialised personnel who are constantly updated.

Proof of the resulting quality is tangible in the fact that some of the company's historic models have since become cult objects for vintage enthusiasts and collectors.