Luxury as a status-symbol, where daring equates with self-assertion and selection equates with self-elevation, dreams of Venetian architectural décor, the Cinema Exhibition and a feisty woman's vibrant allure: all this is captured in the DIVA eyewear range by Brillarte, a collection which has skilfully asserted itself and inspired appreciation by a world level demanding and discerning public.


Diva, an icon of style and femininity, eternal source of inspiration for Antonio Coffen's creative flair, founder and designer of Brillarte. Being a Diva means mastering the art of movement, appearance and transgression in sentiment and whim.

Flowers, leaves and nature are all sources of inspiration for a quality and refined design. Original fine material combinations, particular colour effects and luxurious details with sparkling original Swarovsky stones characterise frames and glasses of the DIVA range.